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PETROLEUM CONTAINMENT INC. Transition and In-Line Sumps offer realistic answers to
problems presented by AST (above ground storage tanks) to remote fuel dispenser piping connections. Using these sumps assures an environmentally safe solution to connecting above ground tank, to any style of underground pipe. Versatile, fast and easy to install, PCI’s Transition and In-Line sumps are extremely installer friendly. Available in two sizes and different Access Cover options, they will handle all of your needs in a sump of this type.


  • Gel Coated Exterior - This assures both complete ultra violet light and fuel resistance

  • Access Cover Options- Can be ordered with a friction fit or water tight Twiist-Lok

  • Modular Construction - Allows for fast, easy installation of piping And entry fittings

  • Height Adjustable - Easy in the field adjustment for optimum Final burial depth

  • Leak Sensor Compatable - With the ability to adjust burial depth, our sumps can be used as a system low point for leak detection

  • Flexibility Of Connection Point - Can be installed at any point along the piping run, either inside or outside the AST containment dike.

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