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The latest generation of Petroleum Containment’s patented “Twist-Lok” Access Covers provide quick and easy access while ensuring a true watertight seal.

Replace Leaking or Damaged Tank Sump Lids with the Water-tight PCI Twist-Lok Lid Retrofit Kit.

Whether you have a fiberglass sump or a poly sump, PCI has a retrofit kit for your application. Yes, we did say POLY SUMPS!

PCI is the only company that can eliminate your poly sump woes. Our Black Magic Adhesive is the only cold-bond adhesive for polyethylene that is 100% fuel resistant.

PCI Twist-Lok Lid Retrofit Kits can be installed through a 38” or larger manhole cover without breaking concrete in just a couple of hours preventing costly down-time.

To View a Demonstration of the Water-tight Twist-Lok Access Cover, click on the link on the right.


  • Water-tight Access Cover

  • Bonds to Polyethylene or Fiberglass

  • Fits All Existing Lid Diameters

  • Installs in a Couple of Hours Without Breaking Concrete*

  • 100% Fiberglass with Nitrile Gasket

  • Optional Inspection Port

    *Installation without breaking concrete requires a 38” or larger manhole cover.

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