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Optional 4” Inspection Port

Allows quick and easy inspection without removing entire cover.


4500 Series Tank Sumps

Our most popular and versatile tank sump. The only 45” tank sump in the market place. 


Our 4500 Series Tank Sumps are 100% fiberglass and offer long-term reliability without deforming or cracking. 4500 Series Tank Sumps provide one sump that works for all single STP applications. 


Exposure to fuel will never void our warranty.

Features and Benefits

Universal Base

A rigid 12-sided sump base that can be used on a 42” UST collar, a manway, or a bung adapter. Smooth flat panels are easy to drill and provide leak-tight sealing surface for penetration fittings.

Adjustable Upper Body

A large adjustable top provides 28” of height adjustability to work in both shallow burial as well as deep burial applications, with only one simple field determined cut.

Two-Part Design with Epoxy Bonding Trough
Makes installations simpler than ever. Installers have plenty of room to install the equipment in the base before the upper body is attached. Then, one simple epoxy pour guarantees a watertight bond.

4” Inspection Port

Optional inspection port allows quick inspection without removing the entire access cover.

Twist-Lok Access Cover

The latest generation of PCI’s innovative “Twist-Lok” Access Covers provide a truly watertight seal with a quick and easy 12 degrees turn.

100% Fiberglass Materials

Provide a rigid construction that prevents deforming due to backfill. Fiberglass can be easily repaired in the field by qualified technicians if drilled incorrectly or damaged by construction equipment.

Ordering Information

30” - 38”

30” - 48”

30” - 58”


Additional Options

Solid Bottom, No Bonding Kit

Solid Bottom, E148CM Epoxy Kit

Solid Bottom, E142CM / E148CM Epoxy Kits

Solid Bottom, GK-55 Fiberglass Kit

Solid Bottom, GK-55 / GK-42 Fiberglass Kit

42" Collar Mount, No Bonding Kit

42" Collar Mount, E142CM / E148CM Epoxy Kits

42" Collar Mount, GK-55 / GK-42 Fiberglass Kit









* Dimensions are based on Solid Bottom sumps only. ** Subtract 1” if mounting to a 42” Tank Collar.

*** Optimum lid height is 4” below manhole cover

Product Sizes









0"- 8"

0"- 18"

0"- 28"


30" - 38"

30" - 48"

30" - 58"

A = Base Height

B = Adjustable Height

C = Overall Height