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Bolt Stand-Off (BSO)

Create a water-tight repair around damaged penetration fittings by sealing to the sump wall around the fitting, and a clean section of pipe inside the sump. Used in tandem with the SRB Series split repair fittings, a repair solution is available for most situations. These repair fittings can be installed on both plastic ​and fiberglass sumps; options are available for most types of pipe.


Use the small BSO for conduit and small diameter flex pipe. The large BSO will cover rubber penetration fittings for rigid pipe and larger diameter flex pipe.

Features and Benefits

Leave Existing Fittings

The BSO Series encapsulates existing penetration fittings and seals around them.


Universal Fit

Two sizes of BSO fittings are available to be used in conjunction with any of the SRB Series split repairs.

Fiberglass Construction

Will withstand long-term exposure to all fuels, including ethanol.

Allows Misalignment

Works with angled pipe entries up to 20 degrees.

Simple Design

Stainless Steel band clamp holds all parts in place until epoxy cures.

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SRF Model

Small diameter

Large diameter

Flat Wall









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