Clear Magic Adhesive

Fiberglass to Polyethylene Bonding

Our proprietary Clear Magic three-part adhesive is the best in the industry for polyethylene bonding applications. It is a cost effective, efficient fiberglass to polyethylene bonding kit designed specially for adhering fiberglass to polyethylene and other plastic materials together.

Clear Magic is designed to be easily applied. The adhesive Promoter and Accelerator are packaged in easy-to-use spray bottles, allowing for quick application of the Clear Magic kit without special tools.

Features & Benefits

Bonds fiberglass to plastics


Designed for retrofitting fiberglass to polyethylene sumps


Ideal for fiberglass retrofit lid kits and repair fittings


Filled adhesive reduces dripping on a vertical surface


Includes easy-to-use applicator tip, and spray bottles


When used with PCI fiberglass repair products, plastic sumps can be made watertight

Ordering Information

Part No.







Penetration Fitting, Poly Adhesive, 30g Tube

Penetration Fitting, Poly Adhesive, 30g Kit (Includes Promoter and Accelerator)

Penetration Fitting, Poly Adhesive, 300g Tube

Penetration Fitting, Poly Adhesive, 300g Kit (Includes Promoter and Accelerator)

Applicator Gun (Required for ADH-CM30G Tube)

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