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Transition Sump

(Below Grade)

Transition Sumps are the most versatile containment sump. They can be used to transition from above groud steel pipe to underground fiberglass or flex piping for use with an AST or vent lines.


They can also be used as a intermediate sump for a system low point, or to contain accessible equipment such as underground ball valves. Petroleum Containment manufactures transition sumps of various shapes, sizes, and lid applications as standard models.


We can also custom engineer virtually any shape/size to meet the specs of your application at an affordable price with a quick lead time.

Features & Benefits

Custom Sizes Available

Field Adjustable Height

Twist-Lok Lid
Provides water-tight containment without using hardware

Standard Model

Ordering Information

TSM363612 TSM363630 TSM424242 TSM483630

Example TS363630-3B3
*Many other sizes are available. Please consult factory.




Bolt-Down Access Cover with Fiberglass Kit

Twist-Lok Access Cover with Fiberglass Kit

TS484848 TS484860 TS606048 TS606060

TS363612-3B3 Transition Sump BG.jpg


Perfect for installing in-line ball valves below grade


Can also be used as a tank sump

TS483630-3B3 Transition Sump BG.jpg


Offset top allows vertical piping penetration from AST


Often used for system low points

TS363630-3B3 Transition Sump BG.jpg

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