UL LLC Outline of Investigation for Containment Sumps, Fittings and Accessories

Summary of Topics:

This First Issue of Subject 2447, Outline of Investigation for Containment Sumps, Fittings and Accessories for Fuels, covers requirements for:

Containment Sumps Tank, Dispenser, Transition and Fill/Vent types.


Sump Fittings - Penetration, Termination, Internal and Test/Monitor types.


Sump Accessories - Covers, Lids, Frames, Brackets and Chase Pipe.


The initial draft is based on a combination of existing requirements, internal guidelines and parallel Standards. The proposed requirements are intended to reflect general updates in design and technology, regulatory compliance, industry needs, and also to address scope of use, biofuels, compatibility and functional safety issues with respect to generally expected assembly, use and environmental conditions over the product’s average service life.

These requirements are not intended to specifically address each and every stakeholder’s needs or concerns, and every conceivable operating condition or weather extreme. As with all standards, the requirements reflect a minimum level of safety, are not warrantees or guarantees, and rely upon external stakeholders to ensure proper installation, use, and periodic inspection with maintenance or replacement as appropriate for continued safety.

This issue becomes effective June 30, 2015.


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