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Transition Sump

(Grade Level)

Transition Sumps are the most versatile containment sump. They can be used to transition from above ground steel pipe to underground fiberglass or flex piping for use with an AST or vent lines.​ 


They can also be used as a intermediate sump for a system low point, or to contain accessible equipment such as underground ball valves.

Features & Benefits

Forged Steel Couplings

Will not deteriorate or crack from UV exposure.

Large Access Opening

Makes installation and service much easier.

Access Covers Available

For light-duty and heavy-duty applications.

Epoxy Powdercoated Steel with Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless Steel Available



Utilized as a vent box or an AST transition

Ordering Information

Standard Model

TS372929 TS462929





Rain-Tite Cover with Steel Couplings

Diamond Plate Steel Cover

Additional Components (order separately)




2" Forged Steel Coupling

3" Forged Steel Coupling

4" Forged Steel Coupling


Additional models available.

Please consult factory if dispenser model is not listed.

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