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Testable Penetration Fitting (TPT)


Full Ring Pass-Thru (FRP)

New Construction Fittings

A great option for new construction, Full Ring Pass-Thru fittings are an economical and long-term solution. Fiberglass will not deteriorate like rubber and plastic.


With a test port built into the Testable Penetration Fittings, our TPT series eliminate the need to have a separate test boot, thus saving time, money and space in an already crowded containment sump.

Features and Benefits

Two Fittings in One

Separate test boots are not needed, saving time, money and space.

TPT Models

Works great for pre-plumbed sumps. Just connect piping on the outside in the field.

Long-Term Solution

Never replace a penetration fitting again.

Allows Misalignment

Works with angled pipe entries up to 10 degrees.


Full Ring Pass-Thru (FRP)