Pre-Plumb Dispenser Sump Service

PCI Pre Plumbed Dispenser Sump Image
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PCI offers the option to Pre-Plumb any of our dispenser sumps. Building Pre-Plumb Dispenser Sumps in a production line process ensures reliability and cuts down on potential installation errors. The precision of pre-plumbed sumps allows installers to “plug and play” in the field, resulting in reduced costs and an installation completed more quickly and efficiently than standard field-plumbed installations.

Pre-Plumb Assemblies include: Dispenser Sump Box, Frame, Dispenser Mounting Hardware and 1 Tube of urethane sealant. Assembly does not include shear valve stabilizer bar kit.

Features & Benefits

Eliminate All On-Site Dispenser Sump Plumbing

Customizable Product Offering

Factory Hydrostatically & Pressure Tested

Factory Repeatability

Cost Competitive

Pre-Plumbed Dispenser Sump Diagram