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Split Test  Fitting

for Flex Pipe (SRS)

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Bolt Stand Off (BSO)

Repair Fittings

We manufacture durable, cost effective Fiberglass Repair Fittings that are easy to install without the need of cumbersome band clamps. Featuring a large outside diameter to cover existing pipe entry holes.

Our fiberglass construction replaces the use of rubber boots therefore preventing leakage and providing long term solution.

Features and Benefits

Cam-Lock Design

A simple quarter turn holds the fitting in place while the epoxy cures. No aggravating band clamps are necessary.

Fiberglass Construction

Will withstand long-term exposure to all fuels, including ethanol.

Allows Misalignment

Works with angled pipe entries up to 20 degrees.

Cost Effective

Similar cost as most rubber or plastic fittings.

Long-term Solution

Never replace a penetration fitting again.

Clear Magic Adhesive

Industry best adhesive for polyethylene bonding applications.


Split Repair Fitting (SRF)

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Split Test Fitting (STF)

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