Retrofit Kit on Poly Sump

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12PLS-1E 12PLS-1X


12PLS-1P 12PLS-1G 12PLS-1F 12PLS-1N

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Optional 4” Inspection Port

Allows quick and easy inspection without removing entire cover.



Retro-Fit Kits

Twist-Lok Lid

Our innovative “Twist-Lok” Retro-fit Kit is simple, cost effective solution for leaking tank sump covers.

Ordering is simple, installation is quick and leaking sump covers can be repaired without breaking concrete. Complete our Pre-Installation Survey for a custom solution.

Features & Benefits

Available for Polyethylene or Fiberglass Sumps

Installs Through a 36” Manhole

Repair/Raise sump lids without breaking concrete


No Hardware to Lose

For light-duty and heavy-duty applications

Eliminates Trip Charges

For water calls, fines and hazardous waste fees

Optional Inspection Port

Allows inspection without removing entire cover

Ordering Information

For Installation on Polyethylene Tank Sumps


Includes Black Magic Poly Adhesive

For Installation on Fiberglass Tank Sumps






Includes Pourable Epoxy Bonding Kit

Includes Fiberglass Seam Kit

Includes Fiberglass Adhesive

No Bonding Kit, adaptor plate not included

No Bonding Kit, adaptor plate not included

* Requires an existing 36” or larger manhole.
** Requires an adhesive applicator (Sold Separately)

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