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Split Test Fitting / STF

Replacing damaged or deteriorated rubber test boots is made easy with the STF fitting. With options available for size over size and LCX pipe, a solution is available for most repair situations.

Offset models are available for non-concentric size over size pipe applications. When installed with EP2A adhesive, and a PCI test kit the STF fittings provide a permanent repair that does not need to be removed after testing.

Features and Benefits

Many Pipe Sizes

STF fittings are available for size over size piping as well as LCX.

Fiberglass Repair

Replace damaged rubber test boots with a permanent solution.

Leave In Place

STF fittings leave the secondary piping open, unlike other options which must be removed after testing.








Fiberglass Pipe 3" x 2"

Fiberglass Pipe 4" x 3"

Fiberglass Pipe 6" x 4"

LCX Pipe 2"

LCX Pipe 3"


3.6" x 2.4"

4.6" x 3.6"

6.6" x 4.6"

2.7" x 2.4"

3.9" x 3.6"

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