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Testable Penetration Fitting/ TPT

With a test port built into the Testable Penetration Fittings, our TPT series eliminate the need to have a separate test boot, thus saving time, money and space in an already crowded containment sump.

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Split Test

Fitting/ STF

Replace rubber test boots that are deteriorated or damaged without disconnecting piping. Works with LCX and Size over Size piping Offset models For Size over Size piping Permanently installed not to be removed after testing.

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Split Test Fitting

for Flex/ SRS

Fiberglass construction will withstand long-term exposure to all fuels, including ethanol.


Cost effective, long term solution.

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Full Ring Pass-Thru

Fitting/ FRP

A great option for new construction,  Full Ring Pass-Thru/FRP fittings are an economical and long term solution.

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Split Repair

Fitting/ SRF

Replace leaking rubber and plastic penetration fittings with a fiberglass fitting without disconnecting pipe.

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Bolt Stand-Off/


Create a water-tight repair around damaged penetration fittings by sealing the sump wall around the fitting.

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Split Repair with

Band Clamp/ SRB

Ideal for cost sensitive repair projects. Can be installed on both plastic and fiberglass sumps.

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