Repair Penetration Fittings and New Construction Fittings

STF (Split Test Fitting)

Repair & New Construction Fitting

The STF Fittings are available for new construction or to replace damaged or deteriorated rubber test fittings.

Many Pipe Sizes
Available for size over size and LCX piping.

Leave In Place
STF Fittings leave the secondary piping open, unlike other options which must be removed after testing.

Versatile Installation
STF Series fittings can be used to test secondary piping in both new construction and repair applications.

UL Listed 2447

STF Fitting

Standard Features

Long-Term Solution

100% fiberglass construction provides superior strength and ensures the fitting will withstand long-term exposure to all fuels, including ethanol.

Allows for Misalignment

Works with angled pipe entries up to 10° for job site adaptability allowing room for misalignment.


PCI’s penetration fittings are the most affordable fiberglass fittings on the market, with a similar cost to rubber or plastic fittings.


EP2A – Epoxy Bonding

EP2A is two-part epoxy available to bond fiberglass penetration fittings to fiberglass and steel. Due to its thickened consistency, It has great gap filling properties and excellent sag resistance, making it a simple and dependable bonding solution.


Pipe Part No. ID OD
3” x 2” RTIIA PF-STF-1C-32 2.4″ 3.6″
4” x 3” RTIIA PF-STF-1C-43 3.6” 4.6″
6” x 4” RTIIA PF-STF-1C-64 4.6″ 6.6″
2” LCX PF-STF-1C-L2 2.4″ 2.7″
3″ LCX PF-STF-1C-L3 3.6″ 3.9″



UL® Listed 2447

California Code of Regulation Title 23, Division 3, Chapter 16, Section 2631 (AB 2481/ California VPH)

State of Floria Department of Environmental Protection Approved / Registered Storage Tank System: EQ-203