PCI Fiberglass Tank Sumps

PCI’s tank sumps come standard with all the features that make up ‘The PCI Difference’ – 100% fiberglass construction, Brite-White Interior, Duo-Molded Technology and the water-tight Twist-Lok Lid. We continually look to innovate and engineer products that truly exceed secondary containment standards. We pride ourselves on engineering with intent to provide the highest quality and value while ensuring a permanent solution that helps ensure smooth installation and service.

Standard Features

100% Fiberglass

100% high-quality, non-corrosive fiberglass provides long-term reliable containment from fuel exposure without voiding warranty, warping, cracking or becoming brittle.

Duo Molded Technology

Duo-Molded Technology

Our fiberglass sumps utilizes Duo-Molded Technology. Using premium raw materials with a high glass content, we create two layers of fiberglass, offering superior strength and fuel resistance.


Our signature ‘Brite-White’ interior reflects light for better visibility and makes identifying leak points easier.

TwistLok Access Cover Logo

Twist-Lok Access Cover

PCI’s tank sumps come standard with the latest generation of our innovative ‘Twist-Lok’ Access Cover. Constructed from injection molded fiberglass, Twist-Lok lids provide a watertight seal with a quick and easy 12º  turn.