EP2A Adhesive Kits

Epoxy Bonding

EP2A is a two-part epoxy used for installing penetration fittings. Due to its thickened consistency, it has great gap filling properties and excellent sag resistance on vertical surfaces, making penetration fitting installation simple and dependable.


  • Bonds to fiberglass and steel
  • Easily fills gaps over 1/4”
  • Won’t sag on vertical surfaces
  • 18-month shelf life
  • No need for refrigeration
  • Cures below 40°
  • Excellent fuel resistance
  • Year-round optimal working time
  • Available in one-time use 6oz tubs or multiple use 450mL cartridges
Part No. Description
EP2A-6OZ 6oz Jar Kit
EP2A-450* 450mL Cartridge Kit
EQP-EP450 Applicator Gun for 450mL Cartridge

*Applicator Gun Required for 450mL Cartridge


Installation Video