RSC Series
Dispenser Sump

PCI’s RSC (Reduced Steel Conduitless) dispenser sump offers our quality fiberglass in a cost-effective design. Our reduced galvanized steel frame offers excellent corrosion resistance.

Adjustable Height
Designed and engineered to allow up to 6” of field adjustment helps ensure proper slope once penetration fittings have been installed off location.

Wide Body Design
Allows ample space for up to 4 Pass-Thru plumbing configurations in a single sump while our tapered top fits inside the most narrow island forms.

Dual-Conduitless Entry
Conduit mounting channel is engineered directly into both ends of the steel frame to allow electrical entry in the bottom of the dispenser without penetrating the sump wall.

  • RSC Dispenser Sump

Standard Features

Duo Molded Technology

Duo-Molded Technology

Our fiberglass sumps utilizes Duo-Molded Technology. Using premium raw materials with a high glass content, we create two layers of fiberglass, offering superior strength and fuel resistance.


Our signature ‘Brite-White’ interior reflects light for better visibility and makes identifying leak points easier.

100% Fiberglass

100% high-quality, non-corrosive fiberglass provides long-term reliable containment from fuel exposure without voiding warranty, warping, cracking or becoming brittle.

Universal Stabilizer Bars

Universal stabilizer bars with 3-axis adjustment accommodate multi-product dispensers without displacing product lines and ensure proper load transfer in case of an impact from any direction.


Constructed as a single piece which eliminates any seams, providing less places for water penetration.

1″ Composite Rainlip

1″ Composite Rainlip protrudes from the bottom of the dispenser to prevent surface water from entering the sump. This also offers better protection against rust and corrosion than metallic rainlips.

Optional Features

Pre Plumbed Service Icon

Pre-Plumbed Service Available

PCI’s Dispenser Sumps are available with completely customizable pre-plumb service built to customer’s specifications. Our pre-plumb dispenser sumps include all internal piping from the shear valve to penetration, eliminating the need for any additional field labor.

Double Wall Options Available

Available in double wall for a variety of monitoring options to satisfy local regulations and requirements. From dry fluid or fluid filled interstitial to vacuum interstice monitoring, PCI has all options to best fit your installation and compliance needs.


Dispenser Single Wall Double Wall Width Length Stabilizer Kit
Bennett Pacific RSC146360B RSCDW146360B 14.75″ 36″ SVU-L
Bennett 3000 RSC120206 RSCDW120206 12″ 20.75″ SVU-S
Gasboy Atlas RSC120206A RSCDW120206A 12″ 20.75″ SVU-S
Gilbarco Encore RSC174360 RSCDW174360 17.5″ 36″ SVU-L
Gilbarco Legacy RSC120206X RSCDW120206X 12″ 20.75″ SVU-S
Wayne Century RSC154260 RSCDW154260 15.5″ 26″ SVU-L
Wayne Reliance RSC154260 RSCDW154260 15.5″ 26″ SVU-L
Wayne Select RSC154260 RSCDW154260 15.5″ 26″ SVU-L
Wayne Ovation RSC146360 RSCDW146360 14.75″ 36″ SVU-L
Wayne Vista (UHC) HS3, HS4 RSC154260HV RSCDW154260HV 15.5″ 26″ SVU-L
Wayne Vista 48″ RSC112360 RSCDW112360 11.25″ 36″ SVU-S

Additional Models Available

Additional Double Wall AcceSsories (ordered Separately)

Part No. Description
EQP-DW-VAC Vacuum Kit (Required for all Double Wall Sumps)
EQP-IF-5GAL Interstitial Fluid, 5 Gallons (Required for Double Wall Sumps with Fluid Filled Interstice)
EQP-IF-ADP-UC Interstitial Fluid Adapter Kit ( 1 Per Sump, Required for Double Wall Dispenser & Grade Level Transition Sumps with Fluid Filled Interstice)

To learn more about Double Wall Dispenser Sumps, Visit the Double Wall page »



UL® Listed 2447

California Code of Regulation Title 23, Division 3, Chapter 16, Section 2631 (AB 2481/ California VPH)

State of Floria Department of Environmental Protection Approved / Registered Storage Tank System: EQ-203

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