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PCI now offers fiberglass construction, permanently installed penetration fittings. New construction and repair fittings offer long-term, cost effective solutions.

Our Tank Sumps are 100% fiberglass and offer long-term reliability without deforming or cracking. They are cost effective fiberglass alternative to polyethylene tank sumps. Available with Bolt-down or Twist-Lok Access Covers.


PCI now offers professional pre-plumbed dispenser sump service on our entire line of quality dispenser sumps. Receive factory quality consistency through the use of CNC Machines, Controlled Environment, Professional Fiberglass Labor, Factory Testing and Massive OEM Buying Power.

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Transition Sumps are the most versatile containment sump. They can be used to transition from above ground steel pipe to underground fiberglass or flex piping for use with an AST or vent lines (Grade Level). 

They can be used as an intermediate sump for a system low point, or to contain accessible equipment such as underground ball valves (Below Grade).

Double Wall Tank Sumps can drastically reduce testing costs. Double Wall Dispenser Sumps are available in a variety of styles and monitoring options that will best meet your needs and for added sump integrity, pre-plumbed dispensers are available. Our Double Wall Transition Sumps feature a split component design allowing easy access to reduce installation time and our signature Brite White interior for better visibility.

Fiberglass Tank Collars are the most reliable method of tank sump installation. Prevent future headaches from cracks in the bottom of your tank sumps by having your tank collar installed by the tank manufacturer.


PCI's Twist-Lok Access Covers have set the standard in quality and water-tight dependability. With a simple Twist, you can be sure that your sumps will be water-tight every time. Our Retro Fit Kit is simple, cost effective solution for leaking tank sump covers with quick installation and leaking sump covers can be repaired without breaking concrete.

Our bonding kits and adhesives are the best in the industry for polyethylene and fiberglass bonding applications. They are cost effective, efficient and long lasting.


A comprehensive array of sealants used for waterproofing on a broad range of applications in installation and repairing projects. Innovative expansion joint technologies provides quick-curing fast and reliable joints in wet conditions.


PCI's Twist Lok replacements lids, Bolt-Down Lids replacements, 4" inspection ports, dry lubricant and replacement gaskets Twist-Lok lids.

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Conversion Frames are an economical way to remain compliant while without replacing existing underground containment.

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Petroleum Containment, Inc., manufactures the most watertight secondary containment sumps in the industry. We offer an extensive line of fiberglass tank sumps, dispenser sumps and transition sumps.

All of our tanks sumps utilize a patented “Twist-Lok” access cover to ensure a watertight seal while providing quick and easy access. We also have a complete line of dispenser sumps for almost every make and model dispenser on the market.

This website is a great source of information, but if you have any questions, please call. We have and experienced staff that is very happy to assist you.

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