Grade Level Transition Sumps

Transition Sumps are the most versatile containment sump. They can be used to transition from above ground steel pipe to underground fiberglass or flex piping for use with an AST or vent lines.​ They can also be used as a intermediate sump for a system low point, or to contain accessible equipment such as underground ball valves.

Forged Steel Couplings
Forged Steel Couplings will not deteriorate or crack from UV exposure.

Large Access Opening
More space makes for easy installation and service

Stainless Steel Options
We offer stainless steel options to best suit your installation requirements

Custom Sizes Available
Various sizes and options are available to meet any job-site or customer specifications upon request.

UL Listed 2447

Standard Features

Duo Molded Technology

Duo-Molded Technology

Our fiberglass sumps utilizes Duo-Molded Technology. Using premium raw materials with a high glass content, we create two layers of fiberglass, offering superior strength and fuel resistance.


Our signature ‘Brite-White’ interior reflects light for better visibility and makes identifying leak points easier.

100% Fiberglass

100% high-quality, non-corrosive fiberglass provides long-term reliable containment from fuel exposure without voiding warranty, warping, cracking or becoming brittle.

Optional Features

Double Wall Options Available

Available in double wall for a variety of monitoring options to satisfy local regulations and requirements. From dry fluid or fluid filled interstitial to vacuum interstice monitoring, PCI has all options to best fit your installation and compliance needs.


Single Wall Double Wall Length Width Height Max Couplings
TS372929 TSDW372929 37” 29” 29” 3
TS462929 TSDW462929 46” 29” 29” 5*
Options (Example: TS372929-5B0)
-4B0 Rain-Tite Cover with Steel Couplings
-5B0 Hinged Diamond Plate Steel Cover (Bolt-Down)
-6B0 Hinged Diamond Plate Steel Cover (Cam-Lock)
Additional Components (Ordered Separately)
CPLG-1 1″ Forged Steel Coupling
CPLG-1SS 1” Forged Stainless Steel Coupling
CPLG-2 2” Forged Steel Coupling
CPLG-2SS 2” Forged Stainless Steel Coupling
CPLG-3 3” Forged Steel Coupling
CPLG-4 4” Forged Steel Coupling
Vent Line Support Racks
VLSR-96X40 8’ Vent Rack for TS37
VLSR-96X48 8’ Vent Rack for TS46
VLSR-MB Brackets for Vent Rack (Set of 2)

*Dimension A if 5 couplings are used, spacing is 7.75″


UL® Listed 2447

California Code of Regulation Title 23, Division 3, Chapter 16, Section 2631 (AB 2481/ California VPH)

State of Floria Department of Environmental Protection Approved / Registered Storage Tank System: EQ-203