CLE / CLS Series
Dispenser Sump

PCI’s CLE / CLS dispenser sumps offer quality and dependability in a fiberglass constructed body with a heavy gauge steel frame. It is also available with a dual compartment for DEF in our DEF series.

5-Product Entries
Extra long sump wall has room for up to five product entries.

Heavy-Gauge Steel Frame
The dispenser sump frame is manufactured from heavy gauge steel, providing strength and rigidity, and is designed to lock into the concrete foundation.

Single Conduitless Entry
Conduit is allowed to enter into the bottom of the dispenser without penetrating the sump walls. Less entries require less penetration fittings and provide less risk for water intrusion.

Multiple sumps can be stacked and nested together to significantly reduce shipping costs and simplify inventory by storing more sumps on less pallets.

  • CLE / CLS Fiberglass Dispenser Sump