PCI’s PCM4800 Series fiberglass tank sumps are some of the largest in the industry yet most cost-conscience. It offers all the benefits of our 4800 series with a narrower riser to reduce shipping costs.

Universal Base
Collar mount, solid bottom and universal bottom bases are available for all three types of installations – collar mount, bung mount and manways. Can be factory cut.

Dual STP System
Accommodates two STP systems with ample room to work.

All benefits of the 4800 series in a more economical option – narrow riser reduces shipping costs.

UL Listed 2447

  • PCM4872-3D0
  • PCM4830-3D0

Standard Features

100% Fiberglass

100% high-quality, non-corrosive fiberglass provides long-term reliable containment from fuel exposure without voiding warranty, warping, cracking or becoming brittle.

Duo Molded Technology

Duo-Molded Technology

Our fiberglass sumps utilizes Duo-Molded Technology. Using premium raw materials with a high glass content, we create two layers of fiberglass, offering superior strength and fuel resistance.


Our signature ‘Brite-White’ interior reflects light for better visibility and makes identifying leak points easier.

TwistLok Access Cover Logo

Twist-Lok Access Cover

PCI’s tank sumps come standard with the latest generation of our innovative ‘Twist-Lok’ Access Cover. Constructed from injection molded fiberglass, Twist-Lok lids provide a watertight seal with a quick and easy 12º  turn.


Part No. Base Height (A) Adjustable Height (B) Overall Height (C)
PCM4840 20” 0” – 9” 31” – 40”
PCM4852 32” 0” – 9” 43” – 52”
PCM4860 20” 0” – 29” 31” – 60”
PCM4872 32” 0” – 29” 43” – 72”
Options (Example: PC4840-3B1)
-3D0 48” Collar Mount, No Bonding Kit***
-3D2 48” Collar Mount, (x2) E148CM Epoxy Kit**
TSA400 4″ Tank Sump Adapter 11.1″OD
IP4000-1 4″ Inspection Port for Twist-Lok Lid

Optimum lid height is 4″ below manhole cover

*Dimensions are based on Solid Bottom sumps only
**Subtract 1″ if mounting to a 42″ tank collar
***Subtract 2.5″ if mounting to a 48″ tank collar



UL® Listed 2447

California Code of Regulation Title 23, Division 3, Chapter 16, Section 2631 (AB 2481/ California VPH)

State of Floria Department of Environmental Protection Approved / Registered Storage Tank System: EQ-203