PCI has introduced a new line to help convenience stores and gas stations prepare for Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers. EV Expansion boxes allow you to prepare a location for EV chargers, even if they’re not ready to invest today.

EV Expansion Box

Based on the EEI EV Forecast Infrastructure report, 140,00 Public DC Fast Charging (DCFC) chargers will be needed to support electric vehicles by 2030. Today there are only 26,000 DCFC ports available in the US1.

EV Funding

There are funding opportunities available to help offset implementation costs for EV Chargers. The US Department of Transportation is releasing $5 Billion to support building out EV Charging Infrastructure across 53,000 miles of highways between 2022-2026.

Some funding requires you to install chargers in phases, installing EV Expansion boxes makes it easy to equip your site to add additional chargers once additional funding is released.

Contact your distributor to find out about programs available in your state and if you can qualify.

Future Proof Your Forecourt – Avoid Having to Dig Up Concrete

When preparing for EV Charging, follow PEI, NACS and the Fuels Institute’s New-Build Site Requirements and Considerations to decide the appropriate spot for EV Chargers. Run your electrical conduit to the EV Expansion box before concrete is poured and all you’ll be ready to add EV Charging to your site. This will avoid having to dig up concrete at a later date.

The default rain-tite, industrial grade top steel top can be simply replaced with a top to match any chargers footprint. To learn more about PCI’s EV Expansion Box, click here or contact us today!



1 US Department of Energy Alternative Fueling Station Counts by State https://afdc.energy.gov/stations/states