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12PLS-1E 12PLS-1X

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Optional 4” Inspection Port

Allows quick and easy inspection without removing entire cover.


Twist-Lok Lid

The 12-Point Access Cover

Our patented Twist-Lok Access Covers have set the standard in quality and water-tight dependability. With a simple Twist, you can be sure that your sumps will be water-tight every time.

Twist-Lok Access Covers are available on all PCI tank sumps, below-grade transition sumps, and are also available for retrofit onto any existing poly or fiberglass sump.

Features & Benefits

Hard Stop

Never over tighten. Easy to remove. Watertight.

12-Point Contact Lid

12-Points of contact for a true watertight sealing surface.

Raise Rounded Surface

Keeps dirt/debris from interfering with a true seal between the lid and the collar.

Fiberglass Construction

Injection Molded Fiberglass Construction.

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Hard Stop

12-Point Contact Lid


Raise Ronded Surface

Fiberglass Construction